Warm Goat Cheese Crostini with Roasted Grapes

goat cheese grape crostini

Hi, I’m Jaime and I’m addicted to parties. If you’re wondering what the hell that has to do with goat cheese and roasted grape crostini, I promise I’ll make the connection shortly.

Anyway—I love planning parties, and I don’t discriminate on the type. From themed dinner parties, to baby showers, to birthday soirees, they’re all fun in their own way. My friends and family know that, so I’m often their go-to gal when they need help with an event (and I love it that way!)

Even though 2019 has just started, it’s already shaping up to be a year full of celebrations. My best friend just got engaged, so I’m sure there will be some bridal showers and bachelorette parties in my future. Next month, I’m having a Galentine’s Day party for my book club and I’m also co-hosting a baby shower.

All of that to say, party food has been on my brain. But after all of the holiday events, I can’t look at another cream cheese-filled dip or store-bought veggie tray. This party appetizer is different, beautiful, easy to make, and, most importantly, tasty.

I work for Cooking Light, and one of our editors developed a recipe for a wheat berry bowl with roasted grapes and goat cheese. Inspired by the trio of tangy-creamy-sweet flavors, I wanted to replicate it in a more party-friendly way. If you’ve never had roasted grapes, don’t be intimidated. They’re less tangy than grapes straight from the bag, and they taste jammier (if that makes sense.) In short, they’re delicious and worth trying. I promise, this will be your new favorite app to serve at parties.

Warm Goat Cheese and Roasted Grape Crostini

This Warm Goat Cheese and Roasted Grape Crostini is about to be your new favorite party appetizer. 

Course Appetizer
Servings 6 people


  • 1/2 lb. sliced bread
  • 4 cups red seedless grapes
  • 4 oz. goat cheese
  • 1/4 cup whipped cream cheese
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil, divided
  • kosher salt
  • cracked black pepper
  • fresh thyme leaves
  • 1 bottle balsamic glaze


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  2. Place goat cheese into a small, microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 20-30 seconds (until completely softened). Mix in cream cheese, and season generously with salt, pepper, and 5 sprigs of thyme leaves (removed from stems). Set aside.

  3. Wash and dry grapes. In a bowl, combine grapes with 1 tbsp. olive oil, and season generously with salt and pepper. 

  4. Place grapes on baking tray and roast for 12-15 minutes, or until grapes begin to split open.

  5. Turn oven broiler to high. Drizzle remaining olive oil on bread slices, and place on baking tray. Place in oven in rack below grapes for 1 minute (or until bread is lightly toasted.)

  6. Begin assembly. Swipe bread with goat cheese mixture and layer on about 2-3 tbsp. of grapes per slice. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and sprinkle with additional thyme leaves, if desired. 

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